Food and Clothing

For the extremely poor, we have a clothing and food bank. At this time we are supporting roughly 250 families. We are able to provide them weekly with fresh fruits and vegetables. The fresh produce is donated to us, as well as 100 - 150 loaves of bread per day from local bakeries. Some people must walk more than an hour in order to get these groceries. This is quite hard on the elderly.
We also take the time to visit people in their homes. This gives us a better idea of how we can help them and what their specific needs are. These needs can vary from practical problems to helping with administrative paperwork. Most cannot read or write. Joining us in this effort is Mrs. Faku. She's a retired university social services teacher. Mrs. Faku knows her way around the welfare system and can maneuver the people through all of the administrative requirements easier. Helping the people to get their paperwork organized is no easy task. Mrs. Faku has a large network and knows influential people. We've been able to make contact with charitable people.

Food Packages for extreme situations

For 25 euros per food package, we are able to provide for those in dire need. Families that find themselves in extreme poverty because of difficult circumstances (for example, an illness or death in the family) can receive a foodbox containing many basic necessities. This box contains simple products such as rice, beans, salt, sugar, flour, detergent and soap. As families must wait to receive the small amount of welfare benefits, we are committed to seeing them through these difficult times. One food package can make a difference. We invite you to share in the joy of giving and caring for those living in desperate poverty. You are welcome to make a donation of any amount. Your donation can influence the lives of those in need.

Join in our pashion for the extremely poor in this country!