Life Skill Courses

For the young adults, we organize together with Joe White, social skills courses. Most taking part already have a high school diploma. Joe White was the first person we met in Durban. He is a former member of Youth With a Mission. Now he has an organization called The World Changers Academy. They offer various programs at schools and in the townships.

The goal is to help people prepare for society. During the church service we announced that we were offering this course and over 120 youths came to take part! There are 6 weeks of lessons given by our project then they go for two weeks of training to Mr. Price.

Mr. Price owns 3 different departments store chains . The stores are called Mr. Price clothing, Mr. Price Sport and Mr. Price furniture. He's opening up many new stores throughout South Africa. He works closely with the World Changes Academy in the hope of being able to hire well trained employees later on. In South Africa, 80% of the employees hired must be black.

Last year we offered our first course, this year we've already had four. Each group has 60 participants. That means that 300 people have a better chance of getting a job. The groups can be quite hectic, but we enjoy seeing all of the young people growing in confidence and having a new hope. Our own volunteers have also followed this course, they longed to learn more. We've helped 30% find a job. Isn't that great!!

We've also been able to help. 40 participants receive scholarships from the Ubuntu community Chest in Durban. This community service has helped and supported us in several ways. In addition to the Life Skill courses we were also able to offer leadership trainings.

One of the biggest problems in the township Mpumalange is the high unemployment. Our desire is to see the young people prepared for a better future.