Hello, my name is Menzi. I'm one of the volunteers at CODAH.
About 2 ½ years ago, I attended for the first time a Friday morning church service. I was in pretty bad shape. I drank a lot and because I'm HIV infected I thought my life was hopeless. Something during the church service was pulling at me. The people, especially Simon, paid a lot of attention to me. I know now, that if I hadn't have gone, I wouldn't be alive today. I started to hang around the church all day. I learned so much about God! The people at the project helped me find the right medications I needed and to get my documents together so that I could start studying.

I am now a graphics designer and have started various courses to show me how to set up my own business. The local council has given me a grant enabling me to do this. I now have all the supplies I need to be able print on either company cars or store windows. I'm thankful I can finally support myself. The Fridays I always keep free for church. I help out with the project as much as I can. Recently we've had a few robberies. We've had an alarm installed but sometimes I sleep at the church for extra security. CODAH is my family.