The church

The church is growing at a fast pace. At this time we have about 250 - 300 people coming each week to the service. If we organize special events, then about 600 people show up. Thankfully we have larger accommodations now. Our congregation is mostly women, but recently about 40 men are visiting as well.


kerk The music is beautiful. The songs are sung without help from musical instruments. The lead singers are Noma and Hlengiwe (prounounced Slengiewe). They lead on as the people, in complete surrender, repeating and responding with a counter melody. The rhythm is determined by the handclapping congregation. Everyone is moving, swinging and dancing to honor God. It is hard to describe but the sound gives you goose bumps. These people have nothing. They put all their hope in God. God comforts, provides and is supporting them in this life and hereafter.

The spoken word

Simon usually preaches. He speaks about the love of a personal Lord and Savior. Our God wants to live in our hearts and not just in a church. kerk It's God who can help and gives strength in all circumstances. Simon preaches in English. English is one of the many official languages of South Africa. The sermon is then translated to Zulu. Here in Durban, most people don't speak English.
During the service, when Simon invites the people to come forward, many do. We pray with them for repentance, healing, and deliverance. The spiritual world is very real to them. Many are still involved in unhealthy practices, such as, ancestor worship or visiting witchdoctors. We speak a lot about this and it can be a long process to break free from.


This pictures was taken during a service in which a young woman had come forward asking for prayer. She had been raped and is now HIV positive and pregnant. She has decided to keep the baby. We prayed for her and helped her to the clinic for medical care and medicine.