To a country with two faces
a country filled with contrasts

Few countries can compare itself to South Africa's stunning beauty. The countryside is a richness of diversity. There are golden sugarcane fields, bountiful wine vineyards, majestic snow capped mountains, forest valleys and gentle lagunes. And of course, not to forget, the breathtaking National Wildparks. These wildparks are filled with all kinds of diverse Flora and Fauna and give people a chance to see wildlife living in their natural habitat.

Let's stop for just a moment

It's hard to imagine, but most people have never seen this unique and special country. South Africa is an everchanging pool of contrasts, feelings and impressions. A large golf course situated next to a township. Tens of thousands of hungry and sick, black men women and children. Because of the recession, at this moment we are seeing an increase in the poverty levels of even the white South Africans. Of all of the contrasts we encounter in this country, the gap between the rich and the poor is the most shocking. This ever growing divide is both startling and disturbing. The crime rate is high and this effects the larger cities as well.

Passion for South Africa

For this poverty stricken side of South Africa, the Christian based foundation Passion for South Africa, longs to reach out and make a difference. Jesus said "Feed the poor". This is what the foundation, Passion for South Africa strives to do. Helping the poor with the practical as well as the spiritual needs. The founders are the Dutch husband and wife team Simon and Anneke Taal. They are supported by a group of South African workers, working with a passion in the township Mpumalanga.

Their Goal? Reaching the very poor

Simon and Anneke worked for sixteen years in the Red Light district in Amsterdam. They worked amongst the prostitutes, drug addicts and homeless. In 2003 they relocated to South Africa. In order to learn more about the country, the people and the culture, they spent the first two years working on other projects. Today Simon and Anneke are working in the township Mpumalanga, touching the lives of those who are poor and in need.

Will you help them to help?