Every Wednesday more than 50 men take part in the men's group. The men enjoy taking part in these groups.

If we want to change this community, we need to start with the men. The man is still the boss even though the woman does all of the work and brings in the income.

Next to the bible study, there is also information about the rights of women and children and about their traditions. For the Zulu's , the witchdoctor still carries a lot of influence. The witchdoctor tells the men that if they have sex with a virgin they will be cured of aids and even advises them to abuse their own children. We've seen so much misery because of this.

Two men from the township, Menzi and Mandla are being trained to start leading the men's group. The past few weeks they talked about worship and have made some music instruments. They really enjoy doing more things together. We've invited an organization called TREE to come in and show the men how to make toys.


The women's group gets together every Monday and Wednesday morning. They wait then a few hours until the bread comes. Each group has about 60 women. Noma en Hlengiwe lead the groups. First they teach from the bible and then they discuss all sorts of topics from the township. They talk about reaching out more to each other. This is done in very practical ways. Every week they donate 5 rand so that if someone dies they can still have a funeral service.

The women have started making bead jewelry. They've stopped now because they want to see if they can sell them or not. It worked like this: They brought money to buy the beads and we would double that to get them started. Now from the money that was made from the jewelry that sold they bought more beads. But now they need to make this work on their own. The women want to get together more often. Clearly they have come out of the downward spiral of hopelessness and passivity.