The foundation Passion for South Africa is 100% dependant on donations from churches, the private sector, national and international organizations, inheritances and sponsoring from companies and schools. Donations with a specific purpose will go there for 100%.

You can support Passion for South Africa in different ways.

  • By donating Rand 100 (10 Euro) a month to help a person to the hospital or clinic.
    This costs us around Rand 3000 (300 Euro) a month.
    This Rand 100 can be the difference between life and dead

  • By adopting a family for Rand 300 (30 Euro) a month to help to feed a family.
    Food for extreme situations costs Rand 6000 (600 Euro) a month.
    We try to help 20 families a month.

  • Transport costs for the donations we receive.
    We need 300 Euro for petrol a month

  • Bibles Rand 30 (3 Euro)

Can you share with us in our passion for South Africa’s poorest?

Please then make a donation.

Bank account number: 1371964
Simon and Anneke Taal
Durban, South Africa
For a tax deductable donation: Youth with a Mission; bank account number (giro) 6200 or ABN-AMRO
Simon en Anneke Taal, South Africa
South Africa and other countries:
318 Tara Road, Bluff, Durban
Branch Code FNB - BLUFF - 250135
Swift Address FIRNZAJJ
Account Number 62154810595
Account Name Children Of Destiny At Home

For the purpose of Income Tax Exemption of section 18a of the IncomeTax Act 1962 Children of Destiny At Home is able to give the donor from South Africa an official receipt.

Donors from America and Canada can give through YWAM of their own country. Let us know, because we need to fill in forms for that.