Information and counseling

People can make an appointment with a counselor.
There are counselors available to talk to everyday.

We organize AIDS awareness days because here it’s still a taboo to talk about AIDS.
Children's day: information about sex, aids and the rights of the child.
Women's day: information about sex, aids and women’s rights.

Know your status day

Know your status concerning HIV/AIDS.
Present are speakers, doctors and nurses. Nurses from the clinic come and test those who want to be tested.
Read more about the latest "know your status day" that took place on November the 19th in 2010.

Home Based Care

Home based care for aids patients

A team of local volunteers visit people at home to see what help is needed. The volunteers visit each home, administer care and then clean the house. They also help to take care for the children. This way we get a better sense of what is needed. Some of the AIDS patients have been totally neglected. They live alone in a room. Their families never come to visit them and don't take care of them. They see AIDS as a curse handed down from their forefathers, instead of a consequence of having wrong sexual relations. They would rather see them die as fast as possible. We try to take care of these patients, even if we have to take them ourselves to the clinic.

Transport to the clinic or hospital

People in extreme situations can be brought to the clinic or hospital. We bring them in our own car or we give money to a volunteer who then takes them. For just 10 euro per month they can be brought. This can be the difference between death or a life taking the correct medications.


If someone needs aidsblokkers they need a "Buddy". Without this Buddy you are not allowed to receive these medicines. If the family is not able to step in, then one of our Home Based Caregivers will serve as a Buddy.